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It just the right time for us to get aquanted

The main value of our company is to take care about people. We are aspiring to bring people positive emotions, something healthy and at the same time tasty. So, based on that we created innovative product – natural fruit candies under the brand Bob Snail. We can absolutely openly say that Bob Snail candies are the product of nature itself, because during the production cycle we are using only fruits and nothing else!


For Bob Snail cooking we use only the best Ukrainian fruits that are processed in two stages at low temperature. It allows preserving of useful vitamins and minerals that are so essential for adults and especially for children health. The rhythm of modern life sometimes make it so difficult to take care about child’s daily diet to get the necessary quantity of products that help children to grow healthy. The children often prefer non-healthy bars to useful apple, pear or carrot.

Thanks to Bob Snail we found a complete solution:

  1. It’s benefit for health
  2. It’s positive emotions that give our good Snail and candies in the form of its shell which you can unroll
  3. It’s so yummy!

We assure that you don’t need reminder any more that it’s time to eat vitamins – you will want to treat yourselves again and again with useful yummies! Natural fruit candy Bob Snail created with great love for you!

Sincerely yours, Bob Snail Team

There is no place
for Sugar – where
Bob Snail is